Candidate Endorsement Process

Procedure for the chapter to endorse a candidate for political office.
Adopted on 28 February 2021.

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A candidate for public office may receive an endorsement from Capital District DSA through the following process:

  1. At least five members in good standing must sign an endorsement petition to the chapter leadership to initiate the endorsement process for a specific candidate. If there is more than one candidate seeking Capital District DSA endorsement for the same race, chapter members are limited to signing only one candidate’s endorsement petition. Candidates who contact the chapter seeking endorsement will be referred to the Electoral Committee.
  2. The Electoral Committee will send a questionnaire to all candidates who have met the endorsement petition requirement. The candidates will be given a deadline by which they must return the questionnaire if they wish to continue seeking the chapter’s endorsement.
  3. Candidates who return questionnaires on time will be invited to a scheduled Capital District DSA Electoral Meeting that is announced to all chapter members with at least 2 weeks notice. Each candidate will be allotted no more than 30 minutes to answer questions from members.
  4. After the candidate finishes answering questions, the committee will deliberate. Non-members and candidate(s) will be asked to leave the meeting during deliberations. At this point, the committee will vote on whether to continue the endorsement process for that particular candidate. This will be done by a simple majority vote.
  5. If the Electoral Committee chooses to move ahead with the process, then a special Chapter meeting will be scheduled and held within a month. This meeting will have designated time for chapter members to express both pro-endorsement and anti-endorsement statements. Members may also submit a written pro- or anti-endorsement statement to be read aloud during the meeting by a proxy reader. After discussion, the question of whether to endorse will be voted on at the chapter level. There must be a quorum as defined in the chapter bylaws. A candidate must receive two-thirds of the chapter vote to receive endorsement.
  6. After voting has concluded, the ballots will be counted and the chapter’s decision announced to the chapter membership.