Executive Committee

Administers chapter affairs, oversees the implementation of decisions made by the chapter membership.


Member Engagement Committee

Oversees member onboarding and member resources.


Electoral Committee

Organizes our chapter’s participation in electoral politics. This includes identifying, endorsing, and materially supporting candidates that will help strengthen democratic institutions and aid in the implementing of socialist policy on the local level, as well as public advocacy and ballot initiatives.


Red Rose Mutual Aid Committee

Assists in the creation and strengthening of structures of exchange & aid on the basis of non-hierarchy, voluntary association, and solidarity.


Reimagine Public Safety Committee

Pursues policy and other changes within the Capital District that builds towards defunding, demilitarizing, and disempowering the existing capitalist police state in favor of a more democratic, equitable, and just form of public safety.


Political Education

Advances socialist education within the chapter through the creation and coordination of educational programs and skills training workshops.

Housing Committee

Advocates and organizes for tenants rights and collective power.


Labor Committee

Assists workers in their fight against abuse and exploitation and in their efforts to unionize the workplace, and provide solidarity support.