Executive Committee

This committee administers the affairs of our chapter and oversees the implementation of decisions made by the chapter membership. It is composed of the four chapter officers as well as the co-chairs of each branch.

Chapter Officers

Elected annually at the Chapter Membership Assembly.


Communications Committee

This committee administers our chapter’s media presence, including the chapter website, mailing list, social media accounts, internal services, and other media.

Chapter Secretary is ex-officio chair of the Communications Committee.


Electoral Committee

This committee organizes our chapter’s participation in electoral politics. This includes identifying, endorsing, and materially supporting candidates that will help strengthen democratic institutions and aid in the implementing of socialist policy on the local level, as well as public advocacy and ballot initiatives.

Co-Chairs: Galen H. & Natalya L.


Agrarian Socialist Committee

This committee organizes projects to foster community food security and sustainable urban gardening.

Co-Chairs: Gwen V. & Daniel S.