Statement on the Saratoga Lakeview Mobile Home Park

Approved by the Housing Committee on 27 April 2022.

The Capital District Democratic Socialists of America firmly stands against the deplorable actions that have taken place in the Saratoga Lakeview Mobile Home Park at the hands of the owner, Michael Giovanone. We are committed to empowering the residents and assuring that they can live comfortably in their homes, without the threats and intimidation tactics that are currently being leveraged against them. With support from activists in the affected community, we ask that individuals send a letter to voice concern to the Honorable Attorney General and that other organizations take action by releasing statements condemning the present-day conditions in this community.

For those previously unaware of the atrocious actions taken in the community, the residents of the Saratoga Lakeview Mobile Home Park were notified on January 21st, 2021 that Michael Giovanone made an offer to buy the park with the intention of charging the use of the land. These residents organized to exercise their right of first refusal as Law 233-A allows.

When Mr. Giovanone found out, he certified he would not change the use of the land for 5 years, thereby undermining our right of first refusal. Since coming into possession of the park in June of 2021, he has enacted a campaign of bullying and intimidation that appears to be intended to coerce tenants to leave the park before these 5 years are up. He is currently pursuing a retaliatory eviction against the only tenant who has been a public advocate for the park residents’ rights. The recent actions and words of Mr. Giovanone indicate he plants to drive tenants out by the summer of 2022 in order to proceed with his plans to expand his neighboring boat storage business.