So you want to form a Committee

Intro paragraph about how awesome it is to have a committee.

Committee Proposal

You need a proposal outlining the following details, which will form the committee’s charter:

  1. Committee Name
  2. Mission Statement and Objectives
  3. Proposed budget (if applicable)
  4. List of at least five prospective members
  5. Duration of the committee (is it standing or for a fixed period of time?)
  6. Membership qualifications (is to be open to all members in good standing or limited; if limited, the number of members the committee shall have and the means by which members will be selected)

A committee proposal cannot violate the chapter bylaws or with an another, actively-chartered committee.

Approval of a Committee Charter

Once the proposal has been drafted, it can be submitted either to the Executive Committee, who can charter the committee with a two-thirds majority, or to the Chapter Assembly, who can charter the committee with a simple majority.

Committee Membership and Leadership

All chapter members in good standing have a right to attend committee meetings and participate in committee activities, unless the committee charter specifically limits that committee’s membership. The committee leadership must maintain

Each committee shall elect two committee co-chairs for one-year terms. A committee can elect additional officers to manage other responsibilities.

Committee Duties and Responsibilities

Members of a committee are empowered to pursue the stated objectives of the committee.

Co-Chairs are responsible for organizing their respective body’s members, running meetings, acting as liaisons to the Executive Committee, and serving as the committee’s points of contact to the membership.

Committees must keep records of meeting dates, attendance, and meeting notes, which shall be filed with the Chapter Secretary and made available to the membership; any financial records shall be filed with the Chapter Treasurer.

Committees shall report on their activities to the membership at the Membership Assembly and at Executive Committee meetings.