Capital District DSA is funded and run by our members. Our chapter structure consists of Branches that represent and organize specific geographic regions; an Executive Committee composed of four elected chapter officers, and the elected co-chairs of branches; and numerous committees and working groups focused on various types of projects both internal and external.

The Chapter meets quarterly, while branches meet as often as monthly.

Executive Committee

Peter W., co-chair
Gwen V., co-chair
Katherine M., secretary
Kate M., treasurer


Members are considered to be part of a branch if they live or work in the geography represented by the branch, or if they otherwise identify with the branch (i.e., some residents of Green Island and Watervliet cross the river and attend Troy Branch meetings).

Albany Branch, for all of Albany County. Email: .

Troy Branch, for all of Rensselaer County. Email: Twitter: @TroyDSA. Instagram: TroyDSA.

Southern Adirondack Branch, Washington and Warren Counties.

Saratoga Branch, for Saratoga County.  Twitter: @SaratogaDSA

Columbia / Greene Organizing Committee, for Columbia and Greene Counties.

Schenectady Organizing Committee, for Schenectady, Montgomery, and Fulton Counties.

No branch or organizing committee in your community? Email us at info [at] for information on forming an organizing committee in your town.


Committees are where the organizing work happens across our chapter and its various branches. Committees spearhead the chapter’s various campaigns and internal and external projects.

Electoral. Communications. Labor. Immigrant Justice. Housing. Medicare 4 All/Health Justice. Socialist Feminism.

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